Nordic Environmental NUcleotide Network

2nd Workshop Reykjavik 2011 – Resume

September 22nd, 2011


Travel grant

Up till now there have been no applications for travel grant from Nenun. Therefore it was decided that it should be more clear how to apply and an application document on the Nenun homepage. This should been done before 1st of October.

There will still be 4 deadlines for applications:

–          March 1st

–          June 1st

–          September 1st

–          December 1st

All applications should be send to, and cc to the host and own supervisor or group leader. It is expected that each person receiving funding will prepare a one page description of the stay or give a presentation on the forthcoming NENUN workshop.

The Nenun network will aim at paying for 5 exchanges a year of maximum 20.000 Norwegian kroner, and bench fee is not included. The funding will cover travel expenses and accommodation.

Ph.D. Courses

It was decided that Nenun network members will apply for two Ph.D. courses when it is possible from Nordforsk.

1st course – Ecological theory linked to microbial ecology:

It was not decided who should take the lead for this course. It was decided that either Anne Winding, Alexander Eiler or Sarah Hallin should take the responsibility for the course. This should be decided before 1st of October.

The course will take place in the connection with the next Nenun workshop in Upssala.

2nd course – Environmental Transcript Analysis and Transcriptomics:

It was decided that Carsten Suhr Jacobsen will take responsibility for the course. The following persons will be a part of the course:

–          Mette Haubjerg Nicolaisen

–          Jacob Bælum

–          Stefan Bertilsson

–          Binbin Liu

–          Åsa Frostegård



It was decided that there should be a disclaimer on the protocol page.

All agreed to submit the protocols to the Nenun secretary before 1st of October.

Isme Roundtable

It was decided that Nenun will apply for a roundtable at ISME next year. The application round will take place next year around March/April. The roundtable should be open and about DNA/RNA extraction. Carsten Suhr Jacobsen agreed to conduct a description of a roundtable and send it to the steering group. The steering group will then decided on the formulation of the roundtable application.

ISME Mixer

Mette Haubjerg Nicolaisen agreed to plan a Nenun mixer at ISME 2012. Mette will investigate whether it is Monday or Tuesday that will be best suitable. This will be held at the garden café at LIFE faculty at Copenhagen University.

Uppsala Workshop 2012

The next Nenun workshop will take place in Uppsala in October 2012. It was decided that the main focus on the workshop should be on methods.
Alexander Eiler, together with Morten, will plan the next workshop.

Convention on Biological Diversity

Preben Nielsen presented the Rio convention regarding the sampling permission in different countries.

All the information can be fund at –

For sampling permission for Greenland:

CAP Partner - Nordre Fasanvej 113,2 - DK 2000 Frederiksberg - Denmark - Web: - Contact