Nordic Environmental NUcleotide Network

Short resume of the decisions at the first NENUN workshop:

December 2nd, 2010

1. Next workshop? Price?

It has been decided that the next NENUN workshop will be held in Iceland. The meeting will take place in September 2011, date to be announced later.

The travel expenses for future workshop cannot be finance by NENUN. Accommodation and food etc. will be finance by NENUN for to persons per group.  NENUN workshop 2012 will take place in Uppsala.

2. Theme for next NENUN Workshop

For next NENUN workshop there will be a focus on specific subject sessions with reference to the possible work packages defined by the Centre of Excellence. The precise schedule for the next workshop will be defined by the board.

3. NENUN Methods

The list made on the flip board will be transformed to a separate page on the homepage. From this page each mark will open a new page by clicking and a 2-5 line descriptive text will appear (some groups might have more then one protocol).

– NENUN will not make quality control on these protocols so people themselves are responsible for the contents.

– Comment at the start of the protocol. Information about how good they are at these methods.

4. Short PhD students mission

– Exchange of PhD student can be applied by NENUN participants and the board will read the application and make judgedment on the amount of funding. 4 deadlines a year:  March 1th, June 1th; September 1th, December 1th

The applicants are asked to also consider national funds and FEMS stipends.

5. New Members

It was decided that the network cannot finance new members. However new members are welcome to apply for membership, but have to pay the cost of their own stay.

6. Sub groups.

It was decided to form a subgroup working on creating possibilities to apply for Center of Excellence (CoE) from NordForsk.

–          Sara Hallin

–          Søren J. Sørensen

–          Stefan Bertilsson

–          Andreas Schramm

–          Åsa Frostegård

–          Anne Winding

–          Kirsten Jørgensen

–          Lasse Riemann

7. NENUN PhD courses

NENUN will give seed money for up to three Ph.d. courses The seed money is maximum 30.000 norske kroner and implices a size of 10-15 student (NENUN student in favour)

– Stefan and Andreas takes lead on a course on Single cell methods

– Søren takes lead on a 454 sequencing (Søren) Stefan contribute with some people.

8. Norfa Ph.D. courses

It was agreed that the network will try to apply for one or two Ph.D. courses next time there is a possibility from NordForsk

–          Ecological theory linked to microbial ecology– Anne Winding, Mette Marianne Svenning, Kim Yrjälä, Sara Hallin, Alexander Eiler

–          Environmental Transcript Analysis and Transcriptomics – Carsten Suhr Jacobsen et al.

9. Steering group

– Finland: Kim Yrjälä

– Island: Solveig Petursdottir

– Sweden: Sara Hallin

– Norway: Åsa Frostegård

– Denmark: Andreas Schramm and Carsten Suhr Jacobsen

10. ISME Satellite

– Roundtale NENUN – The board applies

– Social mixer held with food and drink either Monday or Tuesday evening in a NENUN lab in Copenhagen

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