Nordic Environmental NUcleotide Network

Programme of NENUN


2010. A kick off meeting for the network taking place 22-24 November 2010 to facilitate further detailed planning and coordination of the activities in the network with the following agenda:

a) Group presentations with an overview of research and education.

b) Plenum discussion: planning of workshop and research exchange visits within the network.

2011. A second workshop will be planned in autumn 2011 and this meeting is suggested to be focused on the use of quantitative DNA and mRNA techniques in environmental samples.

2012: A third workshop will be organized in autumn 2012 and this meeting might be focussing on the use of achievement of transcriptomics in understanding microbial communities in action.

These workshops will be arranged as 3 days workshops and will be carried out in different Nordic countries.

Focused Ph.D. courses:

Focussed Ph.D. courses within the network on specific techniques that has a broader interest among the participating groups will be arranged. These will be selected by a bottom-up approach from the current needs of the PhD students and postdocs participating in the NENUN network.

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